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Indoor Air Quality


Air quality inside homes is a huge concern, specially in places like Canada where most if not all houses are seal proof in which the only source of fresh air that enters is when someone opens a door that leads outside. Also because of the type of climate we face our natural air is very dry and can affect the air inside our homes leaving us feeling uncomfortable and destroying our skin in the long run. At Aire Ease Heating and Cooling we understand the comfort feeling everyone wants inside their home specially after a long day of work and to be able to sleep comfortably. Humidifiers are a great device and should generally be installed in every home. The job of a humidifier is self explanatory, it humidifies the air inside to a perfect ratio so its neither too dry nor too humid.


As building efficiency is improved with insulation and weather stripping, buildings are intentionally made more airtight, and consequently making them less ventilated. Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system provides ventilation by introducing fresh air to the building, without the loss of heat, in return improving the quality of air and promoting efficient energy use. Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system is the energy recovery process of exchanging the energy contained in normally exhausted buildings and using it to treat the incoming outdoor ventilation air in residential and commercial HVAC systems.

So, both HRV and ERV systems help introduce fresh air in exchange of the stale air already in your house or building, however the primary difference between the two is that an HRV transfers heat while an ERV transfers both heat and humidity. Contact Aire Ease to help you choose the most convenient choice for your house or business.

Air Duct Cleaning

Protect the health and well-being of your family and employees and keep your HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems running smoothly with Aire Ease, air duct cleaning. There are many benefits that come with duct cleaning. Contaminants in your HVAC systems have adverse effects on your health, Aire Ease duct cleaning eliminates bacteria and dust that builds up over time and contributes to allergy and asthma symptoms and can can have a bad effect on other health concerns. Professional duct cleaning scientifically improves the air quality in your home or business. Cleaning inside the ducts regularly also ensures your ventilation system runs more efficiently resulting in lower utility costs. If you feel its time to get your ducts cleaned, contact us and leave the rest to the experts.

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