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Installation of a new air-conditioner for a new built home in Brampton

Replaced and installed a new AirMax hydronic air handler in Milton

Commercial duct work for an office being built in Caledon

Replaced 3 exhaust fans and motors for an underground parking in Scarborough

Replaced old furnace and air conditioner for new more effecient ones in Mississuaga

Replaced old furnace and airconditioner in Mississuaga

Installed new high effeciency furnace and air conditioner in place of a 25 year old unit in Burlington

Installed new furnace and air conditioner in Mississuaga

Old furnace red tagged due to heat exchanger crack, thus replaced for a new furnace in Brampton

Heat exchanger cracked and red tagged, replaced with a new high effeciency furnace in Kitchener

Installed new furnace in Orangeville

Red tagged because CO levels were too high, replaced the furnace with a new in Mississuaga

Installation of a new high efficiency furnace in Mississuaga

Old furnace heat exchanger cracked, installed a new high effeciency furnace in Downtown Toronto

Installed a high efficiency furnace for a client in Etobicoke

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Aire Ease heating and cooling has proudly provided residential and commercial HVAC services in Milton and surrounding areas in the GTA for over 10 years and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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